Right Now and Right Here – That’s the buzz in the new world of retail. Consumers don’t have to wait for anything today. It’s right there, for them to see and experience. Focused on the key themes of speed and innovation our technology services and RetailLytics suite of product offers advanced IOT based analytics driven by the demand driven supply chain management concept and neutralizes the bull whip effect (The term was coined in the 1970s in MIT and they also built the famous Beer game to demonstrate the impact).


What if you wanted to manage the bullwhip Effect & Implement a demand Driven Supply Chain ?

Track Real Time Location & Geospatial Coordinates, Demand/Supply Data for all your high value high Margin Products and also integrate with machine data from the RFID directly ?

Generate Real Time monitoring of trends and performance indicators across the enterprise ?

Predict & generate proactive response to operational Anomalies ?

And do all of the above based on the Machine data from your products.

Have a comprehensive view of the Supply chain Network ?


DSF enables Data professionals, data experts and decision makers to derive insights faster. DSF semantically links all your data and helps build the most accurate model to predict a Demand Driven Supply Chain Analytics

With DSF, enterprises can come up with data driven cognitive application much faster thereby increasing the productivity of the Data professionals and therefore revenue for the business.


Data Driven Location Choices

Real Time Price Optimization.

Go from concept to production in minutes


Enhanced Customer Purchase Experiences.

Better Value Based Pricing

More Customer Loyalty


The Analytical Revolution Of Sensors

Speaking during Question Hour in the upper house of Indian parliament on Thursday 11-June-2015, Union Minister of State for Power Piyush Goyal claimed that electricity was available at zero rupees per unit at the Power Grid’s Monitoring Office. When there are continuous power cuts across so many cities and only a few hours of power supply at majority of villages, this actually is a good indicator towards the unbalanced demand/supply situation.


The Search Disruption

There are two specific events which mark this decade, first one being the emergence of disruptive business models such as e-commerce models for retail, travel, transport and services and the second one is the emergence of disruptive technologies such as search and analytics technologies. Both of these events present a series of opportunities in terms of doing cheaper business with faster implementation times, while at the same time they possess a serious threat to the old business models and software licensing models.